About Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Matthew Clarkson
Matthew ClarksonCo-Founder of Importing Secrets
Amanda Clarkson
Amanda ClarksonCo-Founder of Importing Secrets

Starting in 2006, Matt & Amanda Clarkson created their first importing business with sales averaging tens of thousands of dollars a month and have been importing various products ever since.

After two years of full time importing and then selling the products themselves, with consistent high profit results, it was only natural that they would take their proven simple system and show every day people how they do it.

If you’ve ever imported before you’ll know that there are a lot of things that can go wrong if the process is not executed properly! Matt & Amanda Clarkson bring year’s worth of successful importing experience to their home study programs so that you don’t have to make any mistakes within your own business.

During the last 10 years Matt & Amanda Clarkson have delivered their home study programs and advanced mentoring programs all over the world and have helped hundreds of everyday people live their dream lifestyle through importing strategies.