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Do I need to insure my goods while in Transit?

Marine Transit or Cargo insurance is the insurance that covers your goods against damage or loss during transit once your responsibility, as the buyer, begins and will protect you from any monetary loss. The insurance covers you from the time that the goods have left the suppliers’ warehouse or once they are loaded onto the ship or plane. The point of responsibility is dictated by the INCOTERM used e.g FOB. […]

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How does a Commercial Invoice work?

The Commercial Invoice (CI) is used as a declaration for customs for the importation process. This form is prepared by the supplier. There is no particular format for the Commercial Invoice. The only requirement is that the form must be in English. […]

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What is a Packing List?

You’ll need to have a packing list when using sea or air freight, courier companies, parcel post and international post with a value greater than AU$1,000.00. The packing list is required so that your freight forwarder can help you clear your goods through customs.  It also outlines the contents of what is in the delivery. […]

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Does my product need to be fumigated? My goods have wood in them, what do I do?

Different products require different approvals or compliance requirements and sometimes fumigation. Do your own research prior to any discussions with any suppliers to find out this information. […]

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What is a Packing Declaration? Why do I need a Packing Declaration?

A packing declaration is a letter that tells Australian Customs and the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) the type of packing material that is used in your goods.  It is only required for sea freight shipments. Your supplier will need to fill out a packing declaration on their letterhead and send via fax or email to you. It’s important to check they have completed all information required on the form. It’s also very important they sign and date the packing declaration as well. […]

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What documents do I need to import and clear my goods?

As part of the importing process you need to ask the supplier to send you each of the following original documents:  –          Commercial Invoice –          Packing List –          Bill Of Lading (BOL) or Airway Bill (AWB) –          Packing Declaration (only required for sea freight shipments) […]

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What is a Proforma Invoice?

Once you have sent through your contract/purchase order, the supplier should send you through a Proforma Invoice (also known as a PI). A Proforma Invoice is the sales quote and order confirmation that is given to you by the supplier. It quotes the items, prices and terms the sale will proceed with.  It should be filled out on the supplier’s letterhead. […]

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How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property?

People often think of Intellectual Property (IP) as mainly Patents and Trademarks however it can also include information you do not want to share with the public.  This can be things like the customers you deal with, where you’re getting your product manufactured or the cost of your product. If you have found or developed an exclusive product it might be worth looking into how you can protect your IP. […]

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How do I protect my Tooling?

It’s a very good idea to have a simple contract in place to protect the ownership of your tooling if the supplier has had to make new tooling specifically for you.  This is usually because you have made significant changes to their product or developed your own unique product. Tooling can included anything that is specifically made to manufacture and create your product, for example dies, moulds, machine tools, cutting tools etc.. […]

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What are Late Delivery penalties?

Late delivery penalties are something you might want to consider if the supplier delivers your order late.  The penalty can be a percentage discount on the total order value. It is best to include the details of your late delivery penalties in your contract/purchase order. […]

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