Discover How to Start from Scratch and Grow a Safe, Secure And Most Importantly… Profitable Importing Business

A Step-by-Step Guide for Start-Ups, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Want to Enjoy a True Lifestyle Business

From the desk of: Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Authors, Speakers, Importers and Australia’s most trusted Business Owners and Educators.

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If you’ve ever wanted to build a safe and reliable importing business from scratch or create an add-on to your existing business, and want to avoid all the costly and embarrassing mistakes…then this may be the most important report you read this year.

You see, because this is a truly lucrative lifestyle business, there’s currently an Importing Direct To Market Revolution sweeping the country right now and it’s a very exciting time to be involved. You may have heard of Ruslan Kogan the founder of Kogan Electronics…he started in his parents spare bedroom, and now turns over more than $148 Million every year, he does this exact strategy.

We’ve now been teaching people how to import and sell their products in Australia since January 2007 and literally hundreds of our students now have a successful Importing Business.

So who are we and how can we help you through this potential minefield?

We’re Matt and Amanda Clarkson and based on our many years in business and our many years of online and traditional business success… we’ll show you the secrets to importing quality goods AND over 20 low cost ways to sell them, so you can make a very handy profit plus create a great lifestyle to go with it.

For the last 7 years we’ve also spoken all over the world teaching our hard-won secrets to people from many walks of life, have written three best selling books & appeared on numerous a Current Affairs programs.

And what we reveal in the “Importing Secrets” program equips you with the tools to succeed NOW.

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No matter what your background, you can start and run a simple, yet highly profitable Importing business and possibly make whatever income you choose using a simple, proven system created by two of the worlds leading business education experts, Matt & Amanda Clarkson.

Here’s your chance to find out just how lucrative it can be and how Matt & Amanda now turn over more thousands of dollars every month Importing, and the whole thing runs on less than 10 hours a week to run.

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Amanda & Matt Clarkson

Importing Secrets

Since 2007 Matt & Amanda have delivered their home study programs and advanced mentoring programs all over the world and have helped hundreds of everyday people to build a successful Importing business…now it’s your turn.