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Geoff & Jenny Now Make Even More Per Month

Natalie makes $1 million net profit following our system

Loving The eBay Lifestyle!

David and Teresa are aiming for $1.5 Million in sales this year!

Dean and Cindy




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Trish Sold Out Her Product Completely Within 2 Months!

The Sky’s The Limit For Mary & Glen

The Sky’s The Limit For Justin And His Family!

Hard Work Pays Off For Families Monthly Goals

Hi Matt

Trust you are well!

From all the team here we wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic informative and extremely helpful call yesterday.

It truly has helped us so much with a strategy around condensing our listings and making more money by doing the packs. It will take some time to get everything corrected but we aren’t afraid of hard work.

We even got our report printed off for November and looks like we have made nearly $800 profit which was a first goal ticked off for making $200 per week so we bought a bottle of Chandon last night and celebrated. Dinner out for lobster here we come!!

Thanks again really appreciate your time and look forward to chatting again soon.

If we don’t speak have a fantastic Chrissy and New Year! Give our best wishes to Amanda too.

Kind regards

Kendall and Laurie
and not to forget our beautiful husbands who have also been helping!!.

$5,000 in Less than 4 Months Selling Bits & Pieces Around the House!

“After many months of searching for an opportunity where we could make money from home, we came across Bidding Buzz in December 2010, which has now changed our life for the better.

In less than 4 months we made over $5000 from selling bits and pieces from around the house and we have only just started. We are so excited and love seeing our investment grow.

Thank you so much to Matt, Amanda and everyone from Bidding Buzz for making the eBay Magic course so simple and easy to follow for the everyday person.

Thanks again, we can’t thank you enough.”

Luke & Tania, Sydney

Gold Powerseller Within 6 Months & Still Growing

Rachelle and Genta I wanted to thank you guys and the rest of the team at Bidding Buzz for the many hours of phone calls and countless emails in helping me launch my new eBay business.

As far as I know there is no other comparable eBay education group like yourselves. I’ve learned a stack of information in the past 6 months and I’d be happy to say that what you guys don’t know about eBay isn’t worth knowing. You’re both incredibly patient, having to deal with my newbie questions day in day out. But I’m glad to say the hard work has started to pay off.

In my first month of selling into a new niche, with one main product I turned over $15,000. This has grown to just over $20,000 in 2.5 months, I’m now a gold Powerseller and I can only expect this to grow as I employ more strategies and add new products. To hit a home run within the first few months has been a great confidence boost for me and had given me great impetus to charge forward.

If it hadn’t been for your help I could have been stuck in some tricky situations that had the potential to really slow down my progress as a seller. Knowing that there is someone there to help me when I need it has been a great benefit to me.

I’m looking forward to see what the next year holds for me and although it’s uncertain, it’s no doubt exciting as the opportunity that exists is massive.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to catching up with you all in the office soon.

Tim Wilson

We Also Reached Our 3 Month Goal Of Bronze Seller In One Month. Yahoo!!!!!!

Home BusinessWe attended your 3 day seminar in 30th August 2009 and signed up for the mentor programme. Tamra has been our main mentor contact from your office. When we arrived home, we started selling straight away to reach our 100 feedback and in the meantime spent hours and hours researching Terapeak, just like your manual and Tamra said to do.

Found our niche product, ordered samples from two different companies – one in Taiwan, one in China, trialled on eBay mid November 2009.Trials went so well that we were uncertain which company to go with. So, went with both – they are two different styles.

Ordered first container early December, arrived end of February 2010 and started selling in March. Ordered second container late December 2009, arrived end of March 2010 and started selling in April. On the 8th April we reached our first goal of being the top seller in our product line and continue to be to this date. We also reached our 3 month goal of Bronze seller in one month. Yahoo!!!!!! Aiming to be Silver Power sellers now.

Now that we have had a go with one product we are going to steam ahead ….

Currently working on new niche product and expect to order by the end of the month to ensure that we meet the Christmas market.

Thanks again for letting us share with you how we are going.

We have attached a couple of photos that we took when our first shipping container arrived. I think you can tell we were excited!!!


Trina & Trevor

Amy Is Very Excited About Her Future On eBay

Thanks to you and Amanda for starting Bidding Buzz without your help and Rachelle, my ebay biz would not be where it is today and growing! I am creeping up to $20 000 per mth. My goal is to reach $50 000 per mth.

Very exciting times ahead.

Thanks for all your inspiration!

Amy Martin