There are lots of ways to find suppliers for your importing business.  A popular method is by using the internet.  It is easy to do from home, is cost effective and only relies on your time sitting in front of the computer.  From the comfort of your lounge room you can spend time searching for and emailing potential suppliers. revolves around Chinese suppliers.   Their goal is to help bring Chinese Suppliers and buyers from around the world together.  They do their best to provide accurate and dependable information on Chinese products and suppliers to buyers.  They also help make communication between Chinese suppliers and buyers an easy process.

The site is easy to use, free to join, and lists multiple categories of products to look at. From this site you can directly email the suppliers sales person to begin your enquiries or get the contact details for faxing an introductory letter. There are suppliers that have been audited on-site by a third party for authenticity.

Keep in mind even though some of the suppliers listed on are audited it is still up to you to do your due diligence to ensure you’re dealing with an honest supplier.

Even though all the information makes you believe they are good, honest business people, unfortunately there are dishonest people waiting to scam you.