Many people find telesales calls annoying, which has given this form of marketing a bad name. However, despite the negative stigma, businesses have been able to utilize telesales to achieve their profit targets, advertise their products and services, generate leads, set appointments, and provide customer service. Businesses have consistently benefitted from telesales since the 1950’s, making telesales a tried and tested form of marketing.

You too can join the multitude of other businesses that are benefitting from implementing telesales into their marketing campaigns. By using telesales, you’ll be able to grab and retain the attention of your target customers, increase sales, address customer issues, and perform key market research, all in an extremely cost-effective manner. If your business is struggling to gain the traction it needs to excel, let alone compete in today’s competitive business environment, telesales may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

There are numerous benefits of incorporating telesales into your business’s marketing strategy. Perhaps the greatest advantage telesales can provide your business is increased sales. Even more powerful is the ability of telesales to increase sales from a distance. Similar to the internet, telesales gives your business the capability of generating leads and closing sales from customers around the world. 

Utilizing telesales, you’ll no longer have to waste your time or the time of your salespeople by going out into the field to generate leads or close sales, enabling your company to reach its target market much easier. If you’re selling complex or expensive products and services, you can use telesales to generate leads and set appointments, that way your sales agents can simply show up at assigned appointments and close the deal. This streamlines and simplifies the entire sales process. 

You can also use telesales every single hour of the day, every day of the year. You’ll be able to engage and communicate with customers on a global scale, answering their questions, marketing your products, and providing customer support in virtually every country. Rather than creating multiple websites in different languages, you can sell your products and generate leads in any country as long as you have telemarketers that can speak that language. 

The tracking and reporting technology used in telesales call centres also allows you to track results down to the minutest detail. This gives you the ability to amend scripts and change strategies whenever you please. For instance, you can change the calling hours whenever you want, which will allow you to only pay for telesales services during hours that are proven to produce the most customer contacts.

Cost is a major factor of any type of marketing effort. Thankfully, telesales is considered extremely cost-effective in comparison to other forms of marketing. Typically, the majority of the costs involved go towards paying telemarketers for their time. Unlike other sales agents who are paid on a potentially lucrative commission basis, telesales agents are normally paid by the hour. If they don’t perform well and reach their sales quotas, you can simply let them go. You can also motivate them with incentives and bonuses, but usually the idea of job security is all the motivation they need.

Telesales is also very effective because it can provide your business with extremely qualified leads, rather than cold leads that end up being a waste of your staff’s time. A highly skilled team of telemarketing agents who have undergone extensive sales training, whether in house or outsourced, can pre-qualify an extremely high volume of leads over the phone. As you know, there is nothing worse than wasting time pursuing cold leads. By providing your sales team with pre-qualified warm leads, they’ll be able to use their closing prowess to achieve more sales and spend less of their valuable time running around in circles.

Promoting your business, educating and informing potential customers, answering their questions, and developing leads is normally the most difficult and time consuming part of growing your business. Highly trained telephone sales agents are capable of fulfilling this aspect of your business in an extremely cost-effective manner. 

Additionally, unlike most business owners and marketing professionals, they have been specifically trained in the subtle art of persuasion, and they are able to pique interest and push for sales. In fact, you may find that skilled telesales agents will be able to generate more sales than your highest-paid salesperson, allowing you to drastically reduce payroll costs and commission payments.

If you’re embarking on the path of utilizing telesales in your business, you have two basic options: outsourcing agents through the use of contact centres or training your own in-house telephone sales agents. Luckily, there are numerous results-oriented call centres that can use their years of experience to generate leads for your business, close sales, and provide customer support. Using contact centres may be slightly more expensive than training your own in-house telephone sales team, but they can provide you with years of experience, strict performance standards, accurate reporting, and guaranteed results.

Perhaps you’re just starting out and operating on a limited budget. If so, then utilizing your own in-house telephone sales agents can be a viable alternative. Of course, it will take added time to provide sales training, manage, and oversee them, but if done properly, they’ll be able to provide your company with similar results. Other than payroll costs, you should also factor in the cost of adding additional phone lines to your office, purchasing headsets, additional computers, reporting programs, and an increased phone bill. Either option you choose, you will likely see enough increased sales and revenue to more than justify the costs.

Telesales may not have been an option you’ve considered before, but hopefully you can now appreciate the dramatic results it can provide your business. Telesales is a cost-effective way to provide your business with additional leads and increased sales. Large companies have been utilizing telesales for decades. It’s your turn to earn your seat at the table and use telesales to make your business a household name.